2021 Primary Voter Guide


The Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP Branch is committed to informing our community about important issues and ensuring that public participation is accessible to all. The following statement of objectives is found on the first page of the NAACP Constitution outlining our principal goals:

  • To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all citizens
  • To achieve equality of rights and eliminate race prejudice among the citizens of the United States
  • To remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic processes
  • To seek enactment and enforcement of federal, state, and local laws securing civil rights
  • To inform the public of the adverse effects of racial discrimination and to seek its elimination
  • To educate persons as to their constitutional rights and to take all lawful action to secure the exercise thereof, and to take any other lawful action in furtherance of these objectives, consistent with the NAACP’s Articles of Incorporation and this Constitution.

In light of those goals, we have prepared this 2021 Primary Voter Guide to inform local voters of the choices available to them in this year’s primary elections, and encourage you to use this information to get informed and get involved.

The 2021 Primary Elections

The Democratic Party will hold a primary election at regular polling locations on June 8 from 6am-7pm to select its candidates for statewide and local offices. Early voting (absentee in-person) begins April 24 and runs through June 5. All voters who intend to vote Democratic in November can participate in the primary. The last day to register to vote in the June 8 primary is May 17.

The Republican Party will select its 2021 candidates by a convention on May 8, with voting by delegates in each Congressional District. The 5th Congressional District will have four voting locations. A full description of the Republican Convention process can be found at    

For more information, including other voter guides and voter registration information, click here or go to the More Resources section at the end of this 2021 Primary Voter Guide.

Who’s Running

The offices on the 2021 primary ballot in Albemarle County and Charlottesville are listed below. You can jump to the lists of candidates by clicking on the appropriate office, or just scroll down.




Lieutenant Governor



Attorney General



Charlottesville City Council (Democrats)

Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney   Democrats

Other offices, including State Delegate, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, and other local offices, are not contested in the primary, and will appear on the general election ballot on November 2. Independent candidates will also appear on the November ballot.

Candidates for Governor


Jennifer Carroll Foy
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 2nd District 2017-2020
Occupation: Attorney, Public Defender

Lee Carter
Offices Held – State Delegate Virginia, 50th 2018-Present
Occupation: IT Specialist
Justin Fairfax
Offices Held – Lieutenant Governor, 2018-Present
Occupation: Attorney

Jennifer McClellan
Offices Held – State Senator, VA. 9th , 2018-Present
State Delegate, VA. 71st 2006-2017

Occupation: Attorney

Terry McAuliffe
Offices Held – Virginia Governor 2014-2018
Occupation: Entrepreneur


Amanda Chase
Offices Held – State Senator, VA.11th – 2016 – Present
Occupation: Financial Planner

Kirk Cox –
Offices Held – State Delegate , VA. 66th 1990 – Present
Occupation: Former High School Teacher

Sergio de la Pena –
Occupation: U.S. Army Colonel, ret., former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Peter Doran

Peter Doran https://
Occupation: Political Analyst

Octavia Johnson
Offices Held – Roanoke Sheriff – 2006-2013
Occupation: Law Enforcement, retired

Pete Snyder

Pete Snyder
Occupation: Tech Entrepreneur, FOX Commentator

Glenn Youngkin
Occupation: CEO, The Carlyle Group investment company

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor


Haya Ayala

Haya Ayala
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 51st 2018-Present
Occupation: Cybersecurity Specialist

Mark Levine

Mark Levine
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 45th, 2016-Present
Occupation: Attorney, Television Commentator

Andria McClellan

Andria McClellan
Offices Held – Norfolk City Council Member, 2017-Present
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Sean Perryman
Offices Held – President, Fairfax Co. NAACP
Occupation: Attorney, Director of Social Impact, Internet Association

Sam Rasoul
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 11th, 2014-Present
Occupation: Health Care Advocate

Xavier Warren

Xavier Warren
Occupation: Small Business Owner

Withdrawn: Elizabeth Guzman


Puneet Ahluwalia
Occupation: Business Consultant

Lance Allen
Occupation: Security Company Executive

Glenn Davis
Offices Held – Virginia Beach City Council Member, 2009-2013
State Delegate, VA. 84th, 2014-Present
Occupation: Telecommunications Company Executive
Tim Hugo
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 40th, 2003-2020
Occupation: Tax Preparation Association Executive Director

Maeve T. Rigler
Occupation: President and CEO, Securus Capital

Winsome Sears
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 90th, 2002-2004
Occupation: Electrician, Homeless Shelter Director

Candidates for Attorney General


Mark Herring
Offices Held – Member, Loudon County Board of Supervisors, 2000-2003
State Senator, VA. 33rd, 2006-20014
Virginia Attorney General – 2014-Present
Occupation: Attorney

Jay Jones
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 89th, 2018-Present
Occupation: Attorney


Leslie Haley https:
Offices Held – Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, 2016-Present
Occupation: Attorney
Jason Miyares
Offices Held – State Delegate, VA. 82nd, 2016-Present
Occupation: Real Estate Broker, Former Prosecutor

Chuck Smith
Occupation: Attorney

Jack White

Jack White
Occupation: Attorney

Candidates for Charlottesville City Council (for two open seats)


Carl E. Brown
Occupation: Non-profit Program Manager
Brian Pinkston
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager

Juandiego Wade
Offices Held – Charlottesville School Board, 2006-Present
Occupation: Career Coordinator, Transportation Planner

Candidates for Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney


Joe Platania
Offices Held: Commonwealth’s Attorney 2018-Present
Occupation: Attorney

Ray Szwabowski

Ray Szwabowski
Occupation: Attorney, Public Defender

More Resources

For information about registering to vote or hosting a voter registration drive, contact the Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP Voter Registration Coordinator at 434-987-1042,

You can access voter registration, find your polling place, apply to vote absentee, or check your registration status at or by calling your local registrar.

More information about voting and elections is available from the local voter registration offices: Albemarle County – 434-970-3250; Charlottesville – 434-972-4173, as well as from the State Department of Elections at

Charlottesville Tomorrow 2021 Voter Guide

Democratic State Delegate Sally Hudson produced a series of video interviews with several Democratic candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. They can be viewed on YouTube at

The League of Women Voters of the Charlottesville Area has information about voting

Important Dates

April 25, 2021                         First Day to Vote Absentee or Absentee in Person (Early Voting)

Monday, May 17, 2021          Last Day to Register to Vote (5:00 pm in person 11:59 pm on-line)

Friday, May 28, 2021              Last Day to Request Absentee Ballot

Saturday, June 5, 2021           Last Day to Vote early in person

June 8, 2021                           Last Day to postmark mail-in ballot

June 8, 2021                           Vote in person at regular polling place



MEDIA CONTACT 804-972-3310

Isle of Wight NAACP Calls For The Immediate Resignation Of The Town Of Windsor’s Chief of Police

“After watching the press conference held by Windsor’s officials on April 14, 2021, we were appalled by the statements and subsequent actions by town officials as well as the Chief of Police.

Please see the attached letter to local and state officials outlining the Isle of Wight NAACP’s reasons demanding the resignation of Chief Rodney Riddle and Officer Daniel Crocker as well as the community’s first set of requests to the Town of Windsor’s officials.”

-Valerie Butler President of the Isle of Wight Chapter of the NAACP


Valerie Cofer Butler, President Isle of Wight Branch #7079
Rudolph Jefferson, Vice President
Lauren Harrison, Secretary
Diane Bowser, Treasurer
Post Office Box 639, Smithfield, VA 23431

April 16, 2021

The Honorable Mayor Glyn Willis Williams Saunders, Town Manager of Windsor

The Honorable Greg Willis Vice Mayor, Walter Bernacki, J. Randy Carr, George Stubbs, and Jake Red

To the Leadership of the Town of Windsor:

We are writing this letter in light of the recent events that have occurred in the Town of Windsor Virginia. The incident that transpired on December 5, 2020 between Lt. Caron Nazario and Officers Daniel Crocker and Joe Gutierrez; and the timeline of events that followed, have left the citizens of the Town of Windsor, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Nation with more questions than answers. From the onset, Officer Crocker initiated this stop because of tinted windows and the location of the vehicle’s license plate. Upon seeing the flashing lights, Lt. Nazario decreased his speed and slowly pulled over to a well-lit area. Officer Crocker “immediately” escalated this situation by radioing to the dispatcher that this was a “high – risk traffic stop” and that the driver was “eluding police”; only to later admit in a written report that Lt. Nazario was traveling at a low rate of speed. Upon exiting his vehicle, Officer Crocker “continued” his escalation by drawing his gun during a simple traffic stop, yelling conflicting orders at Lt. Nazario and would later search his vehicle without cause. During this traffic stop, Officer Crocker stood by “idly” as the other officer used taunting language towards Lt. Nazario, pepper sprayed him and would later join with the other officer by using unnecessary physical force during the detainment. If this brief summary of facts does not constitute immediate grounds for termination. Then we must ask the Town of Windsor and its officials, what does? Throughout this process Chief Riddle has been complicit in this entire situation. He stated that on December 8, 2020 an internal investigation of this incident began, with it concluding on January 28, 2021. The investigation conceded that the “Windsor Police Department policy was not followed.” and “disciplinary action was taken” but both officers were allowed to remain on their’

jobs. During Chief Riddle’s first public press briefing regarding this incident, on April 14, 2021, Chief Riddle admitted the only reason he terminated Officer Gutierrez was due to the video going viral. This leads our community to wonder if any disciplinary actions were taken against the officers on January 28, 2021, as originally stated by the Chief of Police. Instead of taking full responsibility for the actions of these officers – as a leader should – Chief Riddle chooses to invoke favoritism by letting the community know of his longtime personal ties with Officer Crocker. He further defends his officers by stating they used de-escalation tactics through this stop and that Officers Gutierrez and Crocker “initially reacted relatively well” during the traffic stop. He further offended the African American community by stating that “with some additional training” Officer Crocker “would continue to serve this community well”. After these egregious actions by the police officers, the Chief of Police, feels Lt Caron Nazario does not deserve an apology. And instead seems more focused on protecting the brand of the police department than the concerns of our citizens. This gives many in the community the perception that Chief Riddle can no longer effectively lead, protect and serve the entire community. The Town of Windsor and the Chief of Police have stated that they are “reaching out to community stakeholders to engage in dialogue”. We as the NAACP and other African American community leaders have attempted to reach out to the Town Officials and the Police Department on numerous occasions since the video went viral on April 9, 2021 and we have received no response. As leaders of this town, it is your responsibility to be transparent and accountable to citizens who both agree and disagree with you. Many African Americans and other allies have lost complete confidence in the Town of Windsor and the Police Department due to their handling of this case. For the aforementioned reasons and many others, we are immediately calling for the resignations or terminations of Chief Rodney Riddle and Officer Daniel Crocker.

The nation is watching as this situation unfolds. And in the coming days we will continue to speak with and listen to the citizens of Windsor and the surrounding area. Based on our initial conversations with the citizens of the Town of Windsor. We are requesting the following from the Town of Windsor: 1. The January 2021 Windsor Police Department’s newly implemented department wide training manual 2. A timeline in which you will implement a Citizens Review Board. 3. The hiring of an active duty African American patrol police officer. Let us be abundantly clear, this Chapter of the NAACP will not stand by “idly” as oppression and injustice occur to Army Lt. Caron Nazario and the Citizens of Windsor.

I am yours truly,

Valerie Cofer Butler President, Isle of Wight NAACP
Brandon Randleman Advocacy Advisor to the Isle of Wight NAACP

CC: Chief Rodney Riddle,
CC: The Honorable Senator L. Louise Lucas, Senate District 18
CC: The Honorable Delegate Emily Brewer, House District 64


Virginia NAACP Launches Campaign to End Qualified Immunity In Virginia


April 11, 2021

Da’Quan Love, Executive Director

Virginia NAACP Launches Campaign to End Qualified Immunity In Virginia

RICHMOND – Today, the Virginia NAACP announced a renewed commitment to finally ending qualified immunity for law enforcement officers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. After investigating multiple officer-involved incidents over the past five months, the Virginia NAACP has had enough and is demanding real change.

“We watched with horror the so-called traffic stop in Windsor,” said Virginia NAACP President Robert N. Barnette, Jr., referring to the now widely-circulated video clip of Caron Nazario, a Black Army second lieutenant who was pulled over in Windsor, Virginia. Despite being in uniform, Nazario immediately had guns drawn towards him by two town police officers.

In the clip, Nazario is frightened, stating that he is “honestly afraid to get out.” The officer then responds: “Yeah, you should be.” President Barnette reacted: “The fact that an officer who is supposed to ‘protect and serve’ felt embolden enough to state this is the root of the problem. This isn’t the first officer we have seen without fear of consequences for their actions.”

The issue of improving interactions between Black Virginians and law enforcement has been at the forefront of the Virginia NAACP’s advocacy and policy agenda this year. Just last week, the Virginia NAACP announced a renewed effort to find ways to ensure justice and transparency in officer-involved shootings.

In the wake of this recent incident, the Virginia NAACP hopes Virginia officials will use this as an opportunity to make real change. “While we applaud the immediate reactions of Virginia’s government officials, we believe that now is the time for Governor Ralph Northam to call a special session of the Virginia General Assembly to pass House Bill 2045 sponsored by Delegate Jeff Bourne to finally end qualified immunity,” said Virginia NAACP Executive Director Da’Quan Marcell Love. He went on to say: “The Virginia NAACP strongly believes that the Commonwealth must end qualified immunity NOW. Black Virginians can’t wait until next January.”

Expressing a renewed sense of urgency, the Virginia NAACP has issued a call to its more than 100 local units to begin fundraising immediately to support this advocacy campaign’s lobbying efforts. A campaign website has been launched at to accept individual contributions.  


Founded in 1935, the Virginia State Conference of NAACP Branches (Virginia NAACP) is the oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization in the Commonwealth, overseeing over 100 NAACP branches, youth councils, and college chapters. The Virginia NAACP is focused on being the preeminent voice of Black Virginians and advocating for policies and programs to benefit Blacks and people of color. You can read more about the Virginia NAACP’s work and our six “Game Changer” issue areas by visiting

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Contact: Charlotte Gomer, Director of Communications
Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring and the Virginia NAACP are
launching a collaborative effort to identify and help implement reforms
to the way the Commonwealth of Virginia and its law enforcement
agencies handle investigations into officer-involved shooting deaths. The goal of the effort is to ensure the most possible transparency, impartiality, and public confidence in investigations into officer-involved shooting
“Investigations into officer-involved shootings should be handled by
independent, unaffiliated agencies in order to avoid conflicts of interest, and to maximize the public’s confidence that justice will be served and
the matter will be handled in the most honest, objective, and transparent way possible,” said Attorney General Herring. “Self-investigation of such a serious matter can understandably lead to doubt or skepticism about
the outcome, which can in turn lead to mistrust and damaged
relationships between agencies and the communities they serve. In
recent years, different states have pursued unique and innovative
strategies for handling these matters, and I intend to engage my
colleagues around the county and the Commonwealth to build a
consensus around a stronger process that promotes transparency,
impartiality, and public trust.”
“I thank President Barnette and the Virginia NAACP for their leadership
on this issue and their unwavering commitment to ensuring justice,
safety, equality, and opportunity for all Virginians.”
Attorney General Herring has worked to promote safe, fair, and just
policing as part of his broader efforts to reform Virginia’s criminal justice system. He launched the OAG’s largest ever training initiative on 21st 
policing skills like implicit bias awareness, de-escalation, and cultural
competency. He has also advocated for higher training standards for
officers, as well as stronger accountability mechanisms to decertify
officers who do not meet the Commonwealth’s standards. He has
advocated for independent investigations of officer-involved shootings as a standard practice, and worked with legislators to secure authority for
the Attorney General to conduct “pattern or practice” investigations that can identify and stop illegal or unconstitutional policing, making Virginia one of the few states to enact this important accountability measure.# # #



April 7, 2021

Da’Quan Love, Executive Director

Virginia NAACP Statement Following Meeting with Virginia Attorney General

RICHMOND – Today the Virginia NAACP announced a collaborative effort between the Virginia Attorney General and the Virginia State Conference NAACP to craft policy solutions that will address the Commonwealth’s response to shooting deaths involving police officers. This effort resulted from a meeting held Monday with Virginia NAACP leaders, Attorney General Mark Herring, and his staff.

“The Virginia NAACP urged the Attorney General to take a holistic approach to identify tangible solutions that address this growing problem here in the Commonwealth,” said Robert. N. Barnette, Jr., President of the Virginia NAACP. “Virginia must have a well-defined policy that ensures impartial investigation, transparency of facts, and reassures Virginians that justice will be served in fatal cases involving law enforcement officers.”

As a civil rights advocacy organization, the Virginia NAACP plans to remain focused on identifying long-term policy measures that its more than 100 branches can advocate for on the local and state government levels. In working with the Attorney General’s office, the Virginia NAACP hopes to bring state agencies and community leaders together to bring meaningful policy recommendations that lead to systemic change.

The meeting was convened at the request of the Virginia NAACP following the tragic shooting death of Xzavier Hill by a Virginia State Police officer. At the urging of the Virginia NAACP, Attorney General Herring committed to continue reviewing the authority his office has to investigate the matter. President Barnette indicated that the Virginia NAACP was continuing its own investigation saying, “We look forward to subsequent meetings with the Attorney General in the coming weeks.”


Founded in 1935, the Virginia State Conference of NAACP Branches (Virginia NAACP) is the oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization in the Commonwealth, overseeing over 100 NAACP branches, youth councils, and college chapters. The Virginia NAACP is focused on being the preeminent voice of Black Virginians and advocating for policies and programs to benefit Blacks and people of color. You can read more about the Virginia NAACP’s work and our six “Game Changer” issue areas by visiting

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April 2, 2021

Da’Quan Love, Executive Director

Virginia NAACP Urges State Board Of Elections To Grant Deadline Extensions

RICHMOND – Virginia NAACP President Robert N. Barnette, Jr. issued the following statement regarding the recent inaction of the State Board of Elections:

“The Virginia NAACP is growing concerned with the appearance of disparate treatment of candidates of color by the State Board of Elections with regards to the extension of deadlines. The fact that the recently disqualified candidates were of color who sought to challenge incumbent legislators adds to our concerns. 

The Virginia NAACP calls upon the State Board of Elections to grant deadline extensions in the same manner it has consistently done in the past. Finally, the Virginia NAACP calls upon the State Board of Elections to immediately release the demographic data of candidates who they have granted or not granted deadline extensions in the past five years.” 


Founded in 1935, the Virginia State Conference of NAACP Branches (Virginia NAACP) is the oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization in the Commonwealth, overseeing over 100 NAACP branches, youth councils, and college chapters. The Virginia NAACP is focused on being the preeminent voice of Black Virginians and advocating for policies and programs to benefit Blacks and people of color. You can read more about the Virginia NAACP’s work and our six “Game Changer” issue areas by visiting

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Charlottesville Wins Favorable Ruling from Virginia Supreme Court on Statues

Charlottesville Opens in new window

April 1, 2021

Charlottesville City Council remains committed to resolutions adopted in 2017 announcing its intent for the statues to be removed and looks forward to working with the City Manager to accomplish that goal

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – This morning, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City of Charlottesville, and delivered an opinion upholding the legality of City Council’s 2017 resolutions announcing its intention to remove statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from City parks. In the case of Payne v. Charlottesville, the Court unanimously found that the Charlottesville Circuit Court erred by prohibiting the disturbance of the statues and in ordering the City to pay the plaintiffs attorneys’ fees and costs totaling $365,680.60.

“This is an important case for the Charlottesville community and the rest of the Commonwealth,” said Charlottesville City Manager Chip Boyles. “The City was very fortunate to have Acting City Attorney Lisa Robertson representing the interests of our community. She has labored extensively over the past four years and I am thrilled she has won all of us this victory in the highest court in Virginia.”

Lisa Robertson presented the City’s legal arguments to the Virginia Supreme Court on November 6, 2020.

“The team in the City Attorney’s office did an amazing job; this court decision will positively impact so many lives,” said Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker. “I want to express gratitude to Zyahna Bryant, Dr. Wes Bellamy, and Kristin Szakos for igniting the sparks that started this local mini-revolution. We are forever indebted to the community for their steadfastness and perseverance over the past five years. For all of us, who were on the right side of history, Bravo!”

In 2017, Charlottesville City Council adopted multiple resolutions announcing its intent for the statues to be removed from the City’s downtown parks, and asking the City Manager’s office to present options for how removal could be accomplished. City Council remains committed to the intentions stated in those resolutions and looks forward to working with the City Manager to accomplish its goals.

“I and my administration will work diligently to plan the next steps, in coordination with City Council,” added Boyles. “We also look forward to engaging our community in the redesign of these park spaces in a way that promotes healing and that tells a more complete history of Charlottesville.”

Media Contact
Brian Wheeler
Director of Communications
City of Charlottesville
wheelerb@charlottesville.govVirginia Supreme Court Opinion

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Virginia Beach NAACP

PO BOX 61114

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462


 March 28, 2021


The Virginia Beach Branch NAACP is distressed regarding the recent shootings on March 26, 2021. We are faced with unanswered questions and the lost lives of Mr. Donovan W. Lynch and Ms. Deshayla E. Harris. After watching the press conference by Chief Paul Neudigate, we are not surprised of the revelation that the body camera of the officer involved in the death of Mr. Lynch was not activated. Disciplinary actions surrounding an officer misconduct should not be withheld from the public under the pretext. “It’s a personnel issue.” This has been the case in the past. Transparency of police disciplinary is required now. The City embarked on the Body-Worn Camera Project of 450 body worn cameras and 250 in-car dash cameras to be distributed to officers as a tool to gather evidence, provide information about police interactions, increase accountability, and strengthen the relationships with the community. In this incident, the department has failed on all accounts. The $5.5M implementation investment on body-worn cameras is worthless when officers do not turn the camera on for recording. Mr. Lynch is not here to tell his side! The officer involved has no reason to be forthcoming about any facts that places him in an adverse light. The Virginia Beach Branch NAACP continues to call for a Citizen Review Board with full investigative and subpoena powers. We are seeking: (1) the Use of Force Continuum with at least 6 steps with clear levels of escalation, (2) the ability to review officer misconduct information and disciplinary histories (via Open Records Act), (3) the ability to review the police department’s records of disciplining or charging officers with misconduct, and (4) and finally, a statewide review board for police officers who use deadly force-tied to officer recertification credentials. We are watching and listening for the department’s inquiry into this shooting and expect a thorough and expeditious report. The community is waiting! We will not stand by silently while an African American citizen has been shot down in this ‘Resort City’!


Dr. Karen Hills Pruden, President



March 19, 2021

Da’Quan Love, Executive Director

Virginia NAACP Issues Statement After Meeting With Dr. David Olive, President of Bluefield College 

BLUEFIELD, VA – The Virginia NAACP released the following statement after Da’Quan Marcell Love, Executive Director of the Virginia State Conference NAACP met with Dr. David Olive, President of Bluefield College yesterday:

“We are encouraged by our meeting with Bluefield College President Dr. David Olive,” said Da’Quan Marcell Love, Executive Director of the Virginia NAACP. “As part of our campus visit yesterday, we engaged in a productive conversation with Dr. Olive, and met separately with student-athletes. Our investigation into the numerous complaints of discrimination and heightened racial tensions on and off campus will continue, and we expect to release an additional statement in the coming weeks.” 

Yesterday’s meeting was part of the Virginia NAACP’s ongoing investigation prompted after receiving complaints of discrimination from students, faculty, and alumni of Bluefield College.


Founded in 1935, the Virginia State Conference of NAACP Branches (Virginia NAACP) is the oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization in the Commonwealth, overseeing over 100 NAACP branches, youth councils, and college chapters. The Virginia NAACP is focused on being the preeminent voice of Black Virginians and advocating for policies and programs to benefit Blacks and people of color. You can read more about the Virginia NAACP’s work and our six “Game Changer” issue areas by visiting

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