RESOLUTION on qualifications to run for office in this branch



BE IT RESOLVED by the Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP Branch 7057, pursuant to Article VIII.2.a of the Bylaws for Units of the NAACP, that the following minimum qualifications must be met before individuals shall be eligible to run for the offices designated in this resolution.  These minimum qualifications supplement the qualifications set forth in Article VI.2.b of the Bylaws for Units of the NAACP, and those qualifications remain in full force and effect.  

Any person standing for election to the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer must, by April 1 of the election year, have completed at least twelve months service in this Branch as a member of the Executive Committee or as a member of a standing committee of the Branch.  The term of service of twelve months can be divided among committees, so long as the aggregated total service is twelve months or more.  

Any person standing for the office of [to be determined by Executive Committee] must have [to be determined by Executive Committee]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, pursuant to Article VIII.1.b of the Bylaws for Units of the NAACP, that Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP Branch 7057 shall, at the regular election of the Branch, elect two members at large to serve on the Executive Committee.  

ADOPTED by vote of the Executive Committee this 27th day of August, 2018.  

Janette B. Martin, President

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The Albemarle-Charlottesville Branch of the NAACP will be hosting a

“Time for Reflections and Healing”

The event will be held on Sunday, August 12 – 4PM at the

Zion Union Baptist Church – 1015 Preston Avenue.

Confirmed speakers and guests thusfar:

Honorable Hilary Shelton, NAACP Washington Bureau

Jonathan McKinney, NAACP Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Virginia State Conference NAACP President, Pastor Kevin Chandler

Richmond VA.'s First Union Baptist Church Male Chorus  

Susan Bro

University of Virginia President-Elect, Jim Ryan

University of Virginia Historian, John Mason

Actor and Director, Leslie Scott Jones,

Delegate David Toscano


For further information, please contact the NAACP office