2018 NAACP Lobby Day Followup

VSC NAACP Leaders, Members, Community Partners & Friends,

We express a very special thanks to all who participated in the successful 2018 NAACP Lobby Day activity on Tuesday at the Virginia General Assembly.

Given the excitement among participants throughout the day, Legislators we connect with about key Bills, our solid presence in the House of Delegates Chamber to be introduced as members of Virginia State Conference NAACP and the highly visible presence of so many informed and knowledgeable NAACP members at the General Assembly, the day was a significant success.

For those who could not join us, we hope you will be able to be involved in the future. Remember, our 2019 VSC Lobby Day is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th – always the Tuesday after MLK Day.

Again, thanks!

Jesse Frierson, Political Action Committee Chair
2018 NAACP Lobby Day Coordinator
Virginia State Conference NAACP

VSC NAACP Lobby Team
Virginia State Conference NAACP


2018 Lobby Day Flier

FYI…. The following represents some of the issues which greatly impact African Americans and many others across Virginia The VSC NAACP Lobby Team will be lobbying for the legislative interests below:
* Increase Virginia’s Felony Grand Larceny Threshold to at least $1500.00
* Form Statewide Procedures for Law Enforcement’s Use of Body Worn and
Dashboard Cameras
• End All Laws and Public Policies that Contribute to Virginia’s Cradle to Prison Pipeline by Immediately Putting in Place Moratorium on Long Term Suspension in Virginia’s Public Schools
• Increase the Current $7.25 Per Hour Minimum Wage Up to a $15.00 Per Hour Living Wage in Virginia
• Excuse Absentee Voting and Same Day Voting Registration


The Albemarle-Charlottesville Branch of the NAACP will hold its first meeting of the New Year on Monday, January 8, 2018. The meeting will be held at Jackson P. Burley Middle School, 901 Rose Hill Drive, and will begin at 7pm. Jesse Frierson will be present to speak on issues that concern the NAACP.
Mr. Frierson holds the following positions:
Virginia State NAACP Political Action Chair
Area Four Chair
Member of the Virginia State Conference NAACP Lobby Team


2017 Virginia State Conference NAACP
Executive Committee elections results:

2018-2019 Officers

Rev. Kevin Chandler, President
Robert Barnette, Vice President
James Boyd, Treasurer
LaSalle McCoy, Secretary


2018-2019 At Large Members

Donna Waddell
Alice Tart
Phillip Thompson
John Johnson


Area Chairs

Jane Cabarras, Area Three
Jesse Frierson, Area Four
James Ghee, Area Five
Debra Brown, Area Six
Willie Fitzgerald, Area Seven
Brenda Hale, Area Nine
Alvin Hume, Area Ten
Sharon Fitz, Area Twelve
Wanda Blackwell, Area Thirteen
Mark Lomax, Area Fourteen


Other Executive Committee members

Lynetta Thompson, Youth Advisor
Jeremiah Edwards, Youth At Large
Montae Taylor, Youth President
Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs, Assistant Youth Advisor
Linda Thomas, Immediate Past President